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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XI)

The New System of Gottfried Leibniz unifies man’s thoughts about God and man’s scientific thoughts about the universe. In my website, I call these thoughts ‘theological science’ in 115 blogs I wrote from 6/6/08 through 12/25/08. The thoughts of Jesus Christ about God and the universe are included and are covered in the last 17 blogs. In these 115 blogs, one can learn that I have connected the thoughts of Abraham, Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, and Leibniz because they form a single and consistent path of thought about God and the universe.

But in Leibniz’s 17th century writing, the ancient symbol ‘being’ is changed permanently to the symbol ‘thing.’ This new symbol became permanent in the writings of the 18th and 19th centuries of Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Hegel, and Karl Marx. But in Kant, Hegel, and Marx, the symbol ‘thing’ changes to a ‘thing-in-itself.’ It is with Marx that thoughts about God are eliminated. With Marx thoughts about a changing universe are maintained.
Since Marx was a dialectician, he gave his ‘changing’ universe something ‘permanent.’ He concluded that ‘revolution’ is the permanent thing of the changing universe.

In the 1970s, American scientists followed Marx by rejecting God. But they also dropped the idea of a ‘thing-in-itself.’ By dropping ‘things-in-themselves, they can y develop knowledge only of the universe’s changes. With a one-sided universe, how do these scientists predict anything about the universe? The answer is to build a thing that becomes permanent and then explodes. This is the Big Bang theory.

But, this exploded thing cannot be proven. Yet, the thoughts of Abraham, Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Leibniz, my theological science, and many other thinkers say that God does exist and is a thing-in-itself. Who is right, today's scientists or the string of great thinkersr I list above?

Since many of today’s U.S. scientists are obviously wasting lots of U.S. government funds, isn’t it time to change government policies on God and science?


  • At 2:58 PM, Blogger Quantum_Flux said…

    Where are all the good scientists in the world?

  • At 10:13 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    response toQ_F,

    They are trying to sell thee Big Bang theory; trying to sell the theory of evolution; trying to sell the end of the world; trying to sell logic to the life scientists; trying to solve cancer with incremental chemical, radiation, and surgical solutions;trying to sell empirical science; trying to sell mind/brain identity; trying to sell a science of human behaviors: trying to sell an economic science; .............etc. to people, companies, governments, school teachers and professors, doctors; ........... etc. without scientific proofs.

    As I say in my next blog, all things we observe are still unknown to the world's scientists.


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