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Monday, March 23, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XXI)

In this last blog on Leibniz’s New Science, I deal with the unsolved mind-body problem. This problem does not apply to atheists because they say that mind is not a thing. Instead, they say that mind is epiphenomena of the thing we call ‘brain.’ So, atheists say that we do not think because they do not believe that ‘intuition is to thinking as observation is to perception.’ Rudolf Steiner speaks of thinking this way on p. 88 of his book "Intuition Thinking As a Spiritual Path."

On p. 49, Steiner also says, ‘Concepts and ideas come from thinking. Words cannot say what a concept is.’ Thus, the origin of concepts and ideas of an atheist are expected to come from the past and will never be a new and turbulent idea that comes from a Spirit like Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, or Gottfried Leibniz. So, atheists expect to build history into a completed science and also expect to predict the behaviors of all animals. However, this mechanical view of the world led to the development of ‘swap money’ in the U.S. banking systems. The need for us to bailout today’s banks is the result only of rejecting God.

Only Gottfried Leibniz has solved the mind-body problem. He solves this problem by viewing his atoms of substances (Spirits, souls, or minds) as things. They have a constitution and are independent. So, when they are in the presence of a body and are in harmony, two different laws are at work. The laws of spirits and the laws of bodies have a preestablished harmony, which comes from God. If harmony occurs, a mind-body relation exists. But if disharmony develops, the Spirit and body will separate.

If Leibniz’s mind-body relation becomes widely accepted, life and medical care must change drastically.


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