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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXIII (Paying Bonuses)

In the 1950s, I and a few other telemetry engineers changed the field of telemetry from analog to digital. This was a major initiative because the whole electrical industry would change. This initiative led to many new things such as the personal computers and the new digital TVs today.

I did not receive a bonus from my company for making this big change. But I did become known nationally and received offers from other companies at a higher salary. I imagine that other engineers and physical scientists have created things that cause changes in business, industry and government and also earned higher salaries. I assume that such salary increases still occur today.

Now, compare the physical sciences with the field of economics. The physical sciences have developed scientific laws and can predict physical phenomena.. But the field of economics has not develop scientific laws and cannot predict economic phenomena. So the field of economics cannot be classified as a science.

I understand that bankers have hires economists and mathematicians and pay them big bonuses for creating new forms of money, such as ‘swaps.’ To create this new money, these hired employees assume that the economic behaviors of humans can be predicted. But, as I said above, such a prediction is not possible.

According to Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution only Congress is authorized to create coin. So, the creation of money by bankers must be counterfeit coin. Apparently, Congress authorized banks to create counterfeit coin. History tells us that dictators, kings, etc. had the same bad habit because counterfeit coin reduces the value of the money in the pockets of their people. When Congress authorizes the creation of counterfeit coin by bankers, it violates its social contract with ‘the people’ of the USA. Securing ‘the people’ is not merely a military task of a self-governing nation.

When a banker hires economists and mathematicians in order to create counterfeit coin in his or her bank, a crime has been committed. This crime must be stopped.

The economic depression thar the people of the USA are experiencing today could have been avoided if regulations had eliminated the possibility of creating counterfeit money by our banks. Further, giving big bonuses to non scientific economists and atheistic mathematicians is an unfair and irrational business activity. The true skills of Americans must return to the USA.


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