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Monday, March 30, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXVII (U.S. Colleges and Universities are Lost, I)

Yesterday I showed that a brain research project at Northwestern University is supporting the atheistic view that humans are soulless. This support of atheism is taking place even though the USA is a nation under God, which means that humans have souls. However, such research projects will also be found at many U.S. colleges and universities. So, even though the USA is a nation under God, the U.S. government is wasting lots of taxpayer funds on atheistic projects.

Several years ago, I sent an email to President William Brody at my university, Johns Hopkins. In this email, I wondered why our colleges and university are not conducting research on God, even though most colleges and universities are nonsectarian. I told Brody that the Constitution is separating Church and State but is not separation God and State. I told him that ‘conducting research on God’ is not identical to Church, which is ‘the practice of a specific theory of God.’ After some email exchanges, Brody agreed that a nonsectarian college or university separates itself only from Church and should be able to conduct research on God without violating the Constitution.

Since he would retire soon, I did not expect any positive action by Brody. However, perhaps my story above might also find itself to the leaders of other colleges and universities. I do not believe that President Obama’s effort to remake America will last long unless our colleges and universities turn away from atheism and develop the New Science of Gottfried Leibniz. Unless colleges and universities turn away from atheism and make changes consistent with God, many young students will not learn anything useful and our parents will waste their educational savings.


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