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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Help Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea 100 + XXXI (Intelligent Design, XIV)

Before discussing other personalities who contribute to God’s Intelligent Design, I must stop to discuss the development of cultures and their effects. Recall that Susanne Langer spoke about cultural changes in Chapter 1 of her book on ‘Philosophy in a New Key.’ To Langer, man is thus always facing new problems and must solve them by asking new questions.

Today, the cultures of the Western world are facing a new problem. This new problem started to develop in the 17th century when the field of science began to separate from the field of religion in Europe. This problem led to the new nation called the USA. Today, this division of science and religion became completed when materialism and atheism unified as a single field of thought. In the USA, this marriage occurred in the 1960s when a drug culture was formed, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for Madelyn Murrray O’ Hair’s argument to remove prayers from public schools, Darwin’s evolutionary theory was sold to high school educators in 1999, and many U.S. citizens turned away from God.

With this marriage taking place throughout the Western world today, two highly opposing cultures developed and stood up against each other. One is materialism (with atheism) and the other is spiritualism (with theism). These two cultures are incomparable and are thus like day and night. Contrary to what fence sitters say, these two cultures are unable to coexist long. This seems to explain why the Islam nations reject and are active against all materialistic cultures.

Technically, the materialistic and spiritualistic cultures can be viewed as common sense boxes which contain different common sense ideas. So most people who live in the materialistic box will reject all ideas that exist in the spiritualistic box and most of the people in the spiritualistic box will reject all ideas that exist in the materialistic box. But the ideas in these boxes are never perfect, So, some materialistic and spiritualistic people can be ‘fence sitters’ and claim that they do not live in either box.

You can test how you ‘feel’ a number of some materialistic forces if you are a spiritualist but are being forced to live with materialists and their ideas. Dr. Charles T. Tart, a parapsychologist, set up such a test for you on the Internet. (Click) Tart's pic is on the left.

It is important to experience such a negative force because this force affects your soul. Your soul does not accept arbitrary materialistic ideas because it is mind and develops God’s moral ideas ever since your birth. To a spiritualist, finding what is right or wrong is a continual effort, even after death. A test of the ideas of the materialistic box will give you a shock because a materialist will tell you that you have no life after death.

It is certain that man has life after death. This truth will emerge if you study my blogs on Gottfried Leibniz and his contribution to God’s Intelligent Design. He reveals the true atom. It is not physical. In my book on "The First Scientific Proof of God," I call these atoms ‘spiritual atoms.’ They are indivisible things that cannot be reduced. Every single spiritual atom relates to all other spiritual atoms and thus form an infinite number of divisible things. Since each spiritual atom perceives, it can perceive everything that God created. Since the ability of perceiving is never completed, the consciousness of a perceiving spiritual atom is always improving.

Based on the improving perceiving ability of the spiritual atoms, it should be clear that the spiritual atoms of humans have the ability to perceive things well beyond the perceptions of the five senses. Thus, the materialists are wrong to limit facts to the sensual data produced by five senses.


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