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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Messge to All Muslims

Instead of selling Qur'an teachings to the world with speeches and wars, I suggest that  Muslims conduct research again on Muhammad's teachings of Jesus, Muhammad's teacher of Jesus,  Nestorius (click), and Muhammad's students and crafty Jews, who produced the Qur'an teachings.

My research on teachings says that all written or stated material by man, even material on the subject of God, has errors.  Since the disciples of  Jesus were students of Jesus, I say that the writings of the disciples contains  errors.  So, one must be very careful when material is extracted from teachers and their students.

Nestorius was a Christian, who said that Jesus is neither God nor the Son of God. In the New Testament,  Jesus taught the Greek God of Anaxagoras and Plato. Historically,  Anaxagoras, Plato, Jesus, Nestorius, and Muhammad were the first followers of a Greek God, who  creates a universe that never ends.

When the earlier Christians rejected Gnosticism, they turned Christianity away from Jesus and the Greek God, Christianity followed the deistic God of the Jews.  And when the students and crafty Jews turned away from Muhammad's teachings of Jesus, Islam was born with the deistic God of the Jews.

I am sure that new research by Muslims will turn Islam and Christianity away from the deism of the Jews.


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