Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, August 26, 2012

13. More On the Question About the Chicken vs. the Egg

In my blog yesterday, I said that the chicken came before the egg because God is active and makes all indivisible things first. After these indivisibles are made by God, He can connect the indivisibles in different ways so that the best universe will be made. So, each indivisible thing (or a chicken) must be found  'in' all other indivisibles.  Jesus taught this very complex 'inness' at John 14:20. 

After God connects the immortal indivisibles, He  makes all divisible things, which form the universe.  All divisibles are mortal and wear out at different times. (Thus, we must die but will be reborn again, and again, again, .....) Thus, time is not an absolute concept. Nor is time a mathematical zero (t= 0). Time is a relational tool that humans made to study the divisibles.  We must study the divisibles.  The changing divisibles teach us the truths about God's Design of the universe.  God added change to all divisibles because God is absolute and never changes. God thus distinguished our thoughts from His thoughts. In the New Testament at Rom. 1:20, Paul urges us to study the divisibles and the universe.

My study of the chicken and egg as a divisible tells me that the chicken and the universe never come to an end.  My study tells me that the universe has no end. My study tells me that tha chickens will live forever and will be reborn after death, like we are born again and again.  The world's mathematical physicists say that we have one life and that the universe dies. I say that they are wrong.


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