Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

8. Atheists Do Not Understand the Human Mind

In the 7th blog on my new book, I show that the human mind can rise above the perceptions and facts of the human mind.  The mind of the atheistic scientists are unable to do this. In order to rise above these atheistic perceptions and facts, I use coexisting opposites such as 'unity/diversity.'  I use coexisting opposites because I proved earlier  that God and Universe coexist and had no beginning and have no end.

However, atheistic scientists say that they can rise above perceptions and facts of their minds by 'conceiving.'  But their minds are forced to 'conceive' with logic, which forces them to reject God.  To rise above logic, I use coexisting opposites, such as unity/diversity because God and the universe are connected by opposing concepts that coexist. For instance,  I proved that all finite things are originated and connected by God and His infinity.

Many philosophers say that their minds rise above perceptions.  Thus, if these philosophers do not speak of the human mind as perceiving facts, these philosophers can be called  metaphysicians because he or she has risen above logic in order to understand God and the universe.  Some examples of these metaphysicians are presented below.

For instance, Plato says that the human mind is very powerful because humans can find higher and higher ideas. In Phaedo, Plato also says that the human mind is immortal and rises above the facts of perception by asking good questions. In his 'Monadology,' Gottfried Leibniz says that the mind can rise above logic and perception if sufficient reasoning is used.  In his 'The Critique of Pure Reasoning.'  Immanuel Kant says that human knowledge is not limited to Aristotle's logic.  And in a more recent book on 'Philosophy in a New Key,' Susanne Langer says that 'sense-data are primarily symbolic.'  Her statement was in response to the 1920 linguists, who spoke of the 'tyranny of words.'

Thus, when the early religions said that scriptures are the words of God, the world stopped, logic took control of human life, the human minds were viewed as mechanisms, and the wars for wealth and power began. We must correct this worldwide problem.


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