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Saturday, June 16, 2012

More On"Logic vs. Dialectics"

When Plato (427-347 B.C.) said that the symbol 'not' reveals something different, rather than something contrary, Plato concluded that nothing is impossible. In the symbol 'not', we find the origin of Plato's ideas and his statement:
Understand, said I, that by the other section of the intelligence, I mean that which the reason itself lays hold of by the power of dialectic, treating its assumptions not as absolute beginnings but literally as hypotheses, underpinnings, footings, and springboards so to speak, to enable it to rise to that which requires no assumption and is the starting point of all, and after attaining to that again taking hold of the dependencies from it, so to proceed downward to the conclusion, making no use whatever of the object of sense be only of pure ideas moving  on through ideas and ending with ideas. (From Plato's Republic VI, at 511b)
Now, move Plato's impossible ideas forward in time to the New Testament and the the life of Jesus Christ. Then, focus your thoughts on  Matt. 17:20.  In this verse, one will see Jesus saying '... and nothing shall be impossible unto you.' 

Plato and Jesus are teaching the same statement --- that God and the universe are unified.  There is no end to God and the universe.  So, it is time for people to turn away from atheism and the logic of human life.


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