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Monday, June 04, 2012

Syrian Crackdown Is Defended

In my local newspaper today, Syrian President Bashar Assad likens putting down the rebellion of the Syrian people to a messy surgery that has no blood on the hands of a surgeon.  In his first speech since January Assad was unmoved by international criticism of his response to the 15-month-old revolt against his rule, which has killed up to 13, 000 people according to activist groups.

As I said yesterday, the teachings of Jesus and John Locke say that all nations must eventually develop the same government. Today, only a small number of  absolutely free humans can live alone on abandoned land that is no longer owned.

When people find my active God and find my Intelligent Design of this active God  dictatorial governments will fall apart quickly so that democracies are able to develop and build the laws of God.  President Assad doesn't seem to understand that when he dies, he could be reborn in Syria and be murdured as a child by a new Syrian dictator.


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