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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Middle East War in Syria Cannot be Won

In the newspaper today, the syndicated columnist, Patrick Buchanan, says  that  Syria is not America's war.  He says that forces are lining up on each side in what looks like a Syrian civil war and a regional sectarian war.

Against Assad's regime are the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood (click), al-Qaida (click), the Turks (click) and Saudis (click), and Sunni states of the Persian Gulf (click). On Assad's side are his 300,000 army, the Alawite Shia in Syria (click), Druze (click), Christians and Kurds (click), all of whom fear a victory of the Brotherhood, and Russia, Iran and Hezbollah (click).

None of these wars could be won by any person or by any nation because the opposing war machines above have too many false religions.  Today, science knows that only three religions are possible --- atheism, deism, and panentheism. Since atheism is currently being defeated by deism and panentheism, only one real war is possible between deism and panentheism.  The last war will not use war machines because the war between deism and panentheism will be a mental war among all people.


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