Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

16. Developing a World Language.

At 9000 B.C., counting tokens appeared among people.  At 5000 B.C., these people added symbols to the tokens.  With the addition of symbols to the counting tokens, the things in the universe were given a 'quantity' and 'quality' With the addition of qualities to things, writing began with the hieroglyphics in Egypt. Since each symbol needed a meaning, many different languages began to appear  These different languages led to different theories about God and the universe.  Since these different languages led to wars, it is time develop one world language.

To order to develop a world language, in my last blog, I distinguished God and the universe by identifying the living and nonliving things of the universe. Since all living and nonliving things are finite things, they came from a different or infinite thing, which I call God. In order to develop a world language, atheism must now be removed from every national language.

Unfortunately, many people do not distinguish God from the universe and its things. For example, after Americans were freed from England, the People of the USA say that they are free.  But what is the meaning of the symbol 'free'? In God, the symbol 'free' means absolute (or greatest). In humans, the symbol 'free' means non-absolute  (or variable). In order to build a world language, we must agree that human freedom comes from God through the determinations of godly laws by national governments..

Jesus used many new symbols and their meanings to teach.  With his symbols, Jesus also distinguished God and the universe.  For instance, in the New Testament at Matt. 5:18-19, Jesus tells us that 'least and great' kingdoms of heaven exis. Such teaching tell us that Jesus was a scientist.  Thus, when a person looks upwardly at the evening sky, this person sees only one of these many kingdoms of heaven. Thus, God has no heaven because we are reborn after we die. Our rebirth gives us a new body.  Since God created the best of all worlds, our birth place is determined by an active God.


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