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Monday, October 01, 2012

46d. Netanyahn Draws a 'Red Line,' Which Limits Iran's Nuclear Program.

This month, Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahn, made his case to stop Iran's from building a nuclear bomb. Netanyahn's case is correct for many reasons because the thoughts of Muslim leaders have become outdated recently by my new book.

For example, Iranians do not know that my book is saying that God has no Heaven. Iranians also do not know that every human being will be reborn after death, by a father and mother somewhere in the universe that God made. So, when Hitler murdered Jews with furnaces during WWII, Iranians will not be able to murder Jews and Christian infidels with atom bombs or terrorism.  The crime of murder is impossible because God made every human being immortal.  So, human beings will always receive a new body after death from God.  Only God knows where our new lives begin.

Thus, instead of building atom bombs, all nations must work together to develop the safe fusion reactors, so that all dirty fission reactors can be destroyed.  All existing atom bombs must also be destroyed because my new book 'A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God' says that all wars and terrorism will come to an end. (click)


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