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Friday, November 09, 2012

62. Taxing the Upper-income Earners

Taxing the upper-income earners will become the first debate in the U.S. Congress in 2013 between the Democrats and Republicans.  I conclude that this debate must lead to a compromise otherwise I expect new influences of God.  So, it is time for Congress to learn about the Intelligent Design of God, God's potential influences, and God-made families.

I say that the upper-income earners are not 'real earners.'  Many real upper-income earners (e.g., Thomas Edison [click]) no longer exist. These earners eventually died, were mentally great when they earned, and were reborn by God in a great kingdom of heaven. (See Matt. 5:19).  In the USA today, real upper-income earners are few in numbers. But in the USA today, other upper-income earners exist. These other earners are large in numbers and are called CEOs.

Thus, the fair earning of all  'CEOs' must be defined by the Republican and Democrats in 2013 in order to achieve a compromise. The Republicans and Democrats must also eliminate all inheritances.


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