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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

53. Leibniz: On Life and Death

In my two books, 'The First Scientific of Proof of God' (click) and 'A New and Modern Holy Bible'(click) , I discuss Gottfried Leibniz's work. His work is found in G.H.R. Parkinson's book on the Philosophical Writings of  Leibniz.  I conclude that a copy of Parkinson's book should be placed in the home of every nation with the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament.

The life and death of humans are very different than religions, teachers, and parents say. Leibniz teaches life and death beginning at Paragraph 70 of his Monadology. Human life occurs after the lower body parts have been formed naturally and sequentially and is ready to receive a human indivisible or soul.  And human death occurs when the human indivisible or soul has left the body and the body parts begin to decay in a natural sequence. So, abortion is unlawful only after a new child is born.  Since only God knows the human indivisibles or souls, we will never know who was born when a child was born.  Raising children is thus an important act in every nation.

The process of life and death tells me that the economies of every nation in the world is ungodly because they do not treat 'children' properly. For instance, why can some children go to higher schools of education when other children cannot go to these schools.

God can influence us and all other indivisibles. Since the influences of us by eternal actions are infinite in number, we have problems in separating God acts and the acts of other created things. So, we must learn how to focus and clarify our perceptions.  Did God turn Sandy's hurricane west in the USA for the first time recently?  No one will ever prove or know the answer to this question.


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