Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, October 29, 2012

51. The True Atoms

The physical scientists and atheists are selling physical atoms and have never found any. They are also selling the Big Bang theory, which can never be proven. When will these scientists and atheists, and their political followers, back out of these empty holes of the field of physical science?

But atoms do exist because God made them. In his paper on 'Monadology,'  Gottfried Leibniz shows how God creates atoms, which ares the indivisibles of God.  Leibniz has called God's indivisibles  monads or true atoms.  He views indivisibles as simple substances because they have no parts, have no extensions, have no shape, and have no divisibility.   Iindivisibles, monads, or true atoms are true atoms of nature and form all relations of 'things.'

Physical scientists say that physical atoms exist. I don;t know where they will be found because hydrogen and all other chemical atoms have parts, With parts, hydrogen has protons, electrons, etc. and cannot be atoms. Since Leibniz's true atoms have no parts, his true atoms cannot be made with compounds, like chemical atoms can produce compounds, such as water (H2O) or salt (Na Cl). Thus, compounds cannot make true atoms because a true atom must end immediately when it begins.

Leibniz says that we cannot explain how the true atoms can be altered or changed because they have no no windows by which anything could come in or go out.  However,  the true atoms can have qualities, otherwise they would not be beings, such as a person, chicken, or sun.  So, all true atoms are different. They are different because an identity has never been found in the universe. So change exists is every true atom.

Since change will be found in every true atom, an internal principle will be found in every true atom because external causes will influence the true atoms. The external causes are also different, otherwise the true atoms would not change.  Leibniz says that the changes inside true atoms will come from something outside.  The outside stuff is called a perception, which is distinguished from consciousness.  The passage from one perception to another perception is called appetition by Leibniz.  SO, perceiving true atoms are souls that can experience a plurality of perceptions at all times. Non-perceiving true atoms exist and are the physical atoms that physical scientists are seeking. All true atoms (or indivisibles) are made by God. Thus, God and all divisibles in the universe are  influencing every true atom.

In my first two books, I inform the readers about Leibniz's true atoms. In my first book,'The First Scientific Proof of God.' I also discuss the interaction between God and man. I conclude that our influences from God, after our death, are very clear. But I conclude that God's influences become less clear when we are alive because the USA has lost God.


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