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Saturday, October 20, 2012

47o. Building a Nation of 'One People' As a System

When I was employed by Lockheed Martin in the 1950s, I drew a small box, with a very sharp pencil, in which an electronic thing would be added to the right place in an airplane.  I drew this box on a standard flat metal sheet, which was used in aircraft industry. When I finished it, it was taken to the production floor where many electronic things would be added to the boxes. Then the electronic boxes would be added to a new airplane.  These new airplanes, which were launched from the back of trucks, would be sent to Europe to protect NATO and the USA against the Soviet Union.

In my next assignment, I decided to use drafting sheet of paper rather than a sheet of metal.  With this paper, one could see all of the electronic boxes that were to be placed in these truck-launched trucks.This paper sheet was a new drafting process because it shows 'a whole that has parts.' Quickly, the people of Lockheed Martin liked my new drafting.

With my new drafting process, I developed something that is called as a 'system' today. My new drafting process caused me to be reassigned to an advanced project that would challenge the Sputnik spacecraft of the Soviet Union.  With my new drafting process, I had to draw all of the electronic boxes that would be put into a new American rocket.  This rocket and its different boxes would go high into the sky,  to 57 miles. In the first launch the rocket osculated and had to be turned downward into the ocean. After the oscillation was fixed, we lifted the chimpanzee, Max, into space.  Max did return happily.

My system of wholes with parts would follow me forever.  The government detected the 'wholes with parts; in the Air Force and the 'wholes with parts' in the Navy's ships. In the Department of Defence,  Robert McNamara made the Department of Defense to make 'wholes with parts' by using cost and effective parts.

I believe that we can make the USA into a 'whole that has necessary and happy parts. I also believe tht all parts of any nation can make every human 'equal'


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