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Sunday, October 14, 2012

47k. More On the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Lawyers.

When the U.S. lawyers misinterpreted the Declaration of Independence, (DOI) they changed the United States of America greatly. Since I have not developed any respect for the field of lawyers, let me tell you why.

When humans began to write in 5000 B.C.,  humans began to develop their minds with symbols. At this beginning, every symbol in the human mind had to be given its meaning. Today, U.S. lawyers do not follow this historical human behavior when they interpret the DOI and other documents. When they interpret things, their minds become like the minds of criminals that act immorally and must be corrected in a prison. .

When U.S. lawyers interpret the DOI, they act immorally because the DOI loses the following symbols and their statements:

(1) Oneness and equality of 'one People.'
(2) Nature's God.
(3) Laws of Nature.
(4) Self-evident Truths:
     (a) all Men are created equal.
     (b) certain unalienable Rights that among them are Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

Then, when U.S. lawyers interpret Locke's book on The Second Treatise of Government, the DOI also loses the functional relations between our nation's Society and Government because the U.S. lawyers do not distinguish them.
I conclude that the immorality of the U.S. lawyers is very great and well beyond the DOI. 


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