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Friday, October 05, 2012

47b. Locke's Book on"The Second Treates of Government) by Thomas P. Peardon of Columbia University

In 1952, Thomas Peardon of Columbia University wrote an Introduction to John Locke's famous 'social contract' theory.  Locke wrote this theory in the "The Second Treatise of Government." Peardon's Introduction became an important writing to many Americans and lawyers of Peardon's period.  I suggest that today's Americans study Peardon's Introduction because the GOP (and Mitt Romney) is rejecting Locke's social contract.  But President Obama is building Locke's social contract.

Locke's social  contract was born during England's famous  Revolution in 1688 and grew with the American Revolution in 1776. In these revolutions, people became free.  But the people limited their freedom because they sought security through a Government.  This security comes from God's laws of nature and limit human freedom by the Government.

Please, add Peardon's writings to your coffee table at home.  Unless Americans study Peardon's Introduction of John Locke's social contract, they cannot vote for their Government correctly. To vote for people, as your parents have voted in the past, voting must changed because our knowledge of God's laws of nature is changing. And God is changing from deism to theism. According,, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism, Hindaism, etc will change.

Under an active God today, a person can build a business so that he or she can become 'prosperous.' But when this person dies, economists (CEOs) can take control of this business, that is,  if the CEO will become rich. However, with an active God, people will be reborn.  This person does not know that he or she lived before.  So, this person will grow, with a new Father and Mother. In time, this person must seek a job.  Since this person should be able to find a job in the Romney economy, the person will become poor and  CEOs will become rich.

I say that the Romney economy is ungodly.  But I believe that Obama is currently on the right path of an active God.


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