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Thursday, October 04, 2012

47a. October 3 Debate Between President Obama and Candidate Romney

The October 3, 2012 the debate between President Obama and candidate Romney was surprising. Romney expressed no respect for the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and the Constitution whereas Obama was showing his deep respect for our two founding documents.

Romney's five top major actions would (1) reduce the power of the federal government; (2) give more power to the States; (3) deregulate business and industry; (4) reduce, by five trillion dollars, the taxes of the richest people; and (5) change the ObamaCare system to a voucher system.

On the other hand, Obama five major actions would (1) continue his economic efforts to recover the jobs that were lost by the GOP under President George W. Bush and his unnecessary war costs; (2) increase the number people in the middle class  (3) increase the number of educated young people in mathematics and science; (4) increase the number of small businesses; and (5) to fund these four actions by increasing the taxes of the richest citizens.

I conclude that Obama understands the social contract of the USA.  But Romney does not understand this contract.  If you read 'The Second Treatise of Government' by John Locke, a social contract is formed with an agreement between two political objects ---'Society' and 'Government.' Their relations were defined by the DOI and the Constitution.

Society is thus a nation of people who receive rights from God and then gives some of these godly rights to  Government so that it can secure  the people in many ways. Romney's desire to reduce Government, increasing State rights, or removing ObamaCare from Government is an act against the Society.

If people of the USA allow Romney and the GOP to come to power with Romney's actions, the USA will again become a society of cheap slaves.


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