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Sunday, October 07, 2012

47d. The U.S. Congress Has Destroyed the USA, Which Was Well Defined by the Declaration of Independence.

In a March 26, 2008 letter to me about the Declaration of Independence, John D. Rockefeller IV says,  'While the Declaration of Independence is not considered law in the same sense that the Constitution is considered law,  throughout our nation's history, it has been looked upon by the Supreme Court in order to frame the historical context of legal and constitutional issues.'

The above words from Senator Rockefeller prove that the U.S. Congress destroyed the U.S. Society, which was defined by by John Locke's 'social contract' theory and which became law in the first two paragraphs of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.  I presented these two paragraphs in yesterday's blog.

Locke's social contract theory has two parties,  the Society and the  Government.  The Society has become known as the 'private sector' and is defined by the Declaration of Independence.  And the Government has become known as the 'public sector' and is defined by the Constitution and its amendments.

Obviously, the words of Senator Rockefeller in his letter to me are terrible.  Based on Locke's social contract theory, many laws that have been made by the U.S. Congress must be corrected because the USA is lost as a nation under God.

Politically, the works of President Obama is aligned closely to Locke's social contract theory. But the works of the Democrats and Republicans in Congress are very poor and must be corrected.


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