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Saturday, October 13, 2012

47j.Digging the Truths Out of the Declaration of Independence

In the blogs from 47a to 47i, I presented evidence that the United States of America is no longer the nation that our founders made, with the 'Declaration of Independence, which is identified as Locke's Society,' and with the 'Constitution,' which is identified as Locke's Government.  (Note. The Society and Government is defined in Lock's book on 'The Second Treatise of Government.') In this blog, I show why the United States of America is no longer the nation that our founders made. I also show how we can dig the truths out of the Declaration of Independence.

Out founding nation no longer exists because our. lawyers do not know how to identify the truths in the Declaration of Independence (DOI). They conclude wrongly that the DOI has only one authority --- to go to war against England. I conclude that lawyers have misinterpreted the DOI by saying that the words of first paragraph and part of the words of the second paragraph do not identify an authority of laws..

I conclude that our lawyers are unable to interpret the Declaration of Independence correctly because they are unaware of the correct 20th century scientific statement, 'sensual data are primarily symbolic.'  (See Philosophy in a New Key by Suzanne Langer)  So, in the DOI, the symbols in the first paragraph and symbols in the second paragraph are scientific terms and can be interpreted correctly only by trained scientists like me. 

In my new book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God'  (click) ,  I discuss the early history of the development of symbols, which appear in 5000 B.C. when humans began to write. In my book, I also show that the history of symbols is very important because all humans minds are developed primarily with symbols. Accordingly, the teachings of symbols must occur early in the life of all children.

In the presidential debates this year, the Republicans are showing that they do not understand the symbols in the DOI.


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