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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

47g. The Failure of the Declaration of Independence.

When our founders made the Declaration of Independence (DOI), they included social contract laws in the first two paragraphs. Then, they added words, which authorized war against England.  Since these social contract laws originate in the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God, these social contract laws must develop the Constitution and all of its amendments. Thus, in 1776, the DOI and the Constitution formed a beautiful system of life and thought.

Unfortunately, the DOI began to fail when Locke's social contract theory was not viewed as a law in the DOI. Other negative actions occur as follows:
(1) Lincoln is assassinated by foreign agents ;
(2) a British economic system replaces the powerful American economic system;
(3) State rights are developed and would destroy Locke's social contract;
(4) trading is expanded and weakens the People and the Union;
(5) big families take control of the U.S. economy with their national banks;
(6) praying in public schools are eliminated by atheists;
(7) a world government is discussed and will eliminate the Constitution;
(8) a poorly ranked science and mathematical education will destroy the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God in Locke's social contract;
(9) the increased nation debts will transform a democracy into an oligarchy;
(10) evolutionary theory will hide an active God.

Today, the real differences between capitalism, communism, and socialism are not understood by many Americans. They will not understand them until they are unified.


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