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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oct. 16, 2012 Debate Between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Last evening, the debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney identified their real leaderships of the USA. To Romney, the USA will not change the nation.  But to Obama, the USA will change the nation in order to produce progress for all citizens.

Based on my blog yesterday on the British and American economics, last evening I concluded that Obama and Romney are also different. To Romney, the USA will remain as a trading nation with a world market. Romney will thus maintain the British System of Economics. But to Obama, the USA will become a more perfect Union of equal People. Thus, Obama will destroy the British System of Economics and will install the American System of Economics.

The American System of Economics became very technical in the 1872 book on 'The Unity of Law' by Henry C. Carey.  Carey was an advisor of President Lincoln. The American System of Economics began in Germany with studies on political economy and social science by Professor Eugene Duhring at Berlin University.

The American System was put to work for all U.S. citizens in the coal mountains of Pennsylvania in the early 1800s by Frederic List of Germany.  I was born in the town of Pine Grove in this area. The history of List and this coal country is found in the newspapers of Reading, PA. However, the the British System slowly took full control of the USA. Thus, when oil was found, the British System economists turned their eyes away from the people of the coal country and left them jobless. The Appalachian mountains have not recovered yet.  This is the way that the British System treats American workers.

The British System is an ungodly economy.  This is why I will vote for President Obama in November.


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