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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

47m.The Disconnections of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Influences of Great Britain

Great Britain was unsuccessful to return the United States to the control of England.  However, I came to the conclusion that Great Britain did influence the separation of the Declaration of Independence (DOI)and the Constitution.  For instance, yesterday I say that the 1859 book on Darwin's evolutionary theory did not stop President Lincoln's civil war. But it gained the belief of some Americans --- the atheists and materialists.

But Great Britain separated the DOI and the Constitution in another way when American economists installed the British System of Economics rather than the American System of Economics.(click)  The British and American systems are very different.

In the DOI, the British System of Economics destroys the Society and Government of John Locke's social contract. The USA was thus changed from a nation of  'one People' to a 'trading nation.'  As a trading nation, Americans are expected to sells and buys things in a free world market. This system was developed by Adam Smith (click) But Smith feared that people will only become shopkeepers.

In the DOI, the American System of Economics maintains Locke's social contract and the DOI. The American System was presented to Congress by Henry Clay (click) It was developed by Henry C. Carey in his book, 'The Unity of Law.' (click)

In Chapter 1 of Carey's book, one finds that the symbols of the British System --- Value, Wealth, Labor, Capital, Rent, Wage, Profits, etc. are lacking definitions. Yet in Chapter XIV of Carey's, all symbols of the American System are defined. Thus, I conclude that the British System is not scientific. Accordingly, the USA economy must become scientific.

Adam Smith's fear about the British System was a reality because the USA lost its ranking in science and mathematics with the British System.  Thus, President Obama is correct to increase the tax of the rich class so that U.S. science and mathematics will grow naturally. The USA must move forward as 'one People" so that world markets will fade away.


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