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Friday, October 19, 2012

47n. What is Meant by the Statement, 'One People' ?

As I said earlier about lawyers and their poor interpretations of the scientific statements of the Declaration of Independence (DOI), some of the founders of the USA were scientific. Ben Franklin was thus a scientist like Jesus.  Ben visited  scientific societies in Europe just like Jesus visited scientists in Greece. So, after the DOI was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and John Adams had to make changes to it.

A major change was made by them in the very first sentence when they changed the word 'people' to the scientific statement --- 'one People. The meaning of this first statement can be connected to the second statement --- 'all Men are created equal'--- in the second paragraph.

But the second statement does not mean that 'all Men are created as identical persons.' The second statement is scientific and is dealing with a whole and its parts. So the second statement means that 'all Men are created as parts of one People.' This new and more scientific statement says that we can build nations of parts, just like God built the universe with its parts.

Thus, to build a nation of human parts, only necessary parts are used. Each human is equal because each human is a necessary part of the nation and each human wants to be that necessary part. Incidentally , President Reagan was acting similarly to build a new nation. Initially, he was seeking 'reasoned' (or necessary) products from manufactures.

To understand th world that God made, learn how to think the way I think and teach the DOI. The atheists can not understand this world at all.


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