Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, October 27, 2012

50. Mind-Body Relations

For many years, atheists, scientists and  chairpersons of the school of physical science in colleges and universities, have gone too far in their minds without finding any new and important truths.  Aside from saying that God does not exist, these persons also say that our mind and body form one thing, a machine.  So they say that humans, dogs, birds, etc. are nothing other than machines. These persons also say that humans have only one life because the universe is coming to an end.

The atheists, scientists and chairpersons reject indivisibles, divisibles, and mind-body relations.  They reject these powerful concepts even though Galileo's  book, 'Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences,'  says, in the First Day, that a body is built up of an infinite number of indivisibles. With their godless thoughts, the atheists, scientists, and chairpersons are destroying the USA.  Their ignorant words about God and the universe are misleading the U.S. Congress.  Their words are also turning the current debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney away from God, the future of the USA and the future of this planet.

In yesterday's blog, I show that God created a universe.  In it,  we will live forever. The life that God gave us will be found only in an open mind.  This life from God will not be found in a machine. Since we are Little Gods, we can always improve the universe that God gave us because a perfect or completed  thing will be found only in God.

When different thing are made by God, they come together.  An example is the mind-body relation, When they come together, they will become known as a function relationship. (learn some function relations)  This is how God is making the universe.


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