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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

47q. The Final Debate Between Presidenl Obama and Mitt Romney

The final debate last evening between President Obama and Mitt Romney on the subject of diplomacy gave listeners the clear differences of these two men. So, let me tell you my view of their differences.

It is clear that the Commission did not require these two men to debate the theory of God and creator. So, the U.S. government is not required to secure the 'one People' of the USA for the God, which is defined in the Declaration of Independence (DOI). Nor did the Commission require these two men to debate the practices of religions in the USA. So, the U.S. government is also not required to secure the 'one People' of the USA for the creator, which is defined by the DOI.

So, the debates of Mitt Romney were centered primarily on economics and world markets: (1) on developing large and small corporations; (2) on promoting Wall Street investments; (3) on making the United States the leading world trade nation; (4) on developing small businesses; and (5) on developing the military industrial complex to protect world trade.

Accordingly, the debates of President Obama were also centered, but primarily on economics and national U.S. markets: (1) on building the United States as 'one People'; (2) on building children morally and building strong families; (3) on recovering the fields of science and mathematics; (4) on luring foreign companies to return to the USA; and (5) on building new infrastructures throughout the USA.

If the Commission had required debates on God, creator, and religions, I believe that the thoughts of Romney would be very different and like the thoughts of Obama because my work on God, creator, and religions are very similar to the thoughts of Obama.

The presidential voting will have a result. If Romney wins, the future of the 'one People' becomes unclear.  But if Obama wins, the future of the 'one People' still remains clear.


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