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Monday, October 22, 2012

47p. The 2012 Presidencial Debates are Criminal.

The last presidential debate of 2012 will be held tonight. This debate will be about the diplomacy of the presidency. But the most important subjects of the USA will not occur before the presidential voting takes place. . 

Important subjects of the President of the USA are found in the Declaration of Independence (DOI).  The two most important subjects in the DOI are the symbols: God and creator. The meanings of these two symbols are theories to the field of science.  Thus, the three branches of the U.S. government should be seeking the true meaning of these two symbols because the Constitution requires the U.S. government to 'form a more perfect Union.'

I conclude that God and creator have never been debated because the Constitution says: Congress cannot make no law respecting an establishment of religion.  But the symbol 'religion' must be distinguished from God and creator because religions are practices of a specific G od and a specific creator. Only science practices a proven God and a proven creator.  Religions are thus practices of God and creator, just like medical theories are practices of doctors.

So, I say that presidential debates about God, creator, and other statements in the DOI must be debated before November 6, 2012. Otherwise, these debates are criminal.

When I discussed the difference between theories and practices to President Brody of Johns Hopkins University (JHU), he agreed with me.  He agreed because I had told him that  JHU does not need to advertise the symbol  'nonsectarian' in order to lure students  Any college or universe can teach any theory of God or any theory of creator without fearing the practices of any religion.

As seen, every nation must recognize that their national languages are filled with many weak and wrong symbols.


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