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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

47r. GOP Thinks and Acts Without God

After Abe Lincoln was assassinated by foreign agents from Europe, the American System of Economics was trashed(click) and the British System of Economics, that is, free enterprise, was installed (click). Many free enterprise rs focus their businesses on a free world market.  When they must hold their prices down, they are still able to send their children to private schools and higher schools of education.  The children of their workers must send their children to public schools  and cannot afford to send them to colleges.  But the prices of  enterprise rs are unable to pay for infrastructures such as flood control, highways, bridges, etc. So, free enterprise can cause major economic problems in any any nation.

I conclude that the GOP will not work with President Obama, even if Obama is returned to the White House. I make this conclusion because the GOP will not help Obama to increase the taxes of the rich classes, in order to send poor children to schools of higher education.  I also conclude that the GOP will not approve any infrastructure for the USA.  Even, if Romney wins the White House, the new problems that I see in the USA will not be solved by Romney or GOP.

I see a problem with the world market; a problem with the money systems; a problem with mineral ownerships; a problem with competition;a. problem with the decay of of U.S. science and technology; a problem with national languages and their symbols; and a problem with theories of God and creator and the teachings of religions and scriptures.

My research says that bloodlines do not exist.  This means that Darwin's evolution, DNA identities, and Jesus' bloodline are false. Thus, when a couple is having sex and want a child, they must learn that they are making children in response to God's act of giving a child a new life. Accordingly, I say that the inheritances in the USA have caused the U.S. economy to become dysfunctional.  So, I ask this question,  'Does Mitt Romney view the White House mostly as a place to enrich his children?" I ask this question because I know that the Mormon teachings about Jesus are false.


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