Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, October 26, 2012

49.Abortions Are Lawful

As a 'scientist in engineering' from Johns Hopkins University, I learned how to think differently compared to many scientists and engineers. I think differently because I developed my mind with the most powerful symbols that humans will find..  With these powerful symbols, I was able to prove God's existence in the first book I wrote. With these powerful symbols, I also found the immortal indivisibles that God created. With these indivisibles, God can make a universe that has no end.

Unfortunately, many scientists and engineers reject God and become atheists. With logical thinking,  American atheists use logical symbols but do not use dialectal symbols. Thus, atheists are unable to open their minds to metaphysical thoughts and coexisting opposites.  If they could open their minds, they would learn about God's indivisibles and learn that we cannot complete the knowledge of God's universe.

Let me show you why atheists are lost. Ask an atheist to divide a yardstick in half. When it is divided, then, ask the atheist to divide the two sticks in half. Then, ask the atheist to divide the four sticks in half. Then, ask the atheist to continue this division, which is called 'infinite divisibility.'  Now, ask the atheist, 'When will you complete this division?' The atheist must say that an infinite division has no end. Yet they say that the universe will come to the end. So, atheists are lost.

Now, ask the following question to a married man and women, an unmarried man and woman, and a raped woman: 'When will an indivisible person  become a new member of your family.' Two answers can be given as follows: (1) when the indivisible person is conceived;  (2) when the indivisible person becomes related to the body, that is, either at birth or at early or later development of the body in the womb. The U.S. Congress cannot answer this question because it does not consider God's work.

I conclude that an indivisible person will become a member of a family at birth. Thus, an indivisible person and its body are related functionally.  So, we can speak of a person or body as a mind-body thing, a spirit-body thing, or an indivisible person-body thing.  My conclusion says that abortions are lawful for a women because a man and woman can make a new body but cannot make a mind, spirit, or indivisible person.  Only God can make our mind, our spirit, or us. The relation between a person and his or her body tells us the space and time of the universe.  Relations form 'space' whereas 'time' forms orderly successions.


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