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Sunday, November 04, 2012

56. Obama vs. Romney

President Obama should lead the USA for four more years because he will move the USA forward more correctly. I say that the ideas of Mitt Romney will move the USA backward by increasing the U.S. debt and increasing the wealth of the rich class.

I conclude that Romney's studies of laws on the Declaration of Independence at Harvard University are wrong and will mislead the USA. I also conclude that Romney's studies of business management at Harvard University over-emphasizes economic and will not lead the people of the USA properly. Many of Romney's ideas come from the Mormon church and the poor teachings of Joseph Smith. Romney's mind cnnot deal with socialism, economy, and capitalism as 'one People.'

On the other hand, Obama will move the USA forward by raising the wealth of poor and middle classes and the young children by reducing the wealth of the rich class. Many of Obama's ideas come from the teachings of Jesus rather than from Christian churches, which misinterpret the teachings of Jesus.


  • At 3:36 PM, Anonymous BB said…

    You can praise Obama as much as you want, but I , who worked hard for everything I have and am able to pay my way with what I saved, and made sure we had health insurance to back up Medicare... I refuse to give to the low lifes who are always standing with their hands out instead of trying to help themselves. I could write a book on things I have seen and experienced with the illegals and women who breed to get money from the government. They say just have the kids and Obama will see that you get big money to take care of them. The story goes on and on. When are the democrats going to open their eyes.... And the Clintons, who Obama trashed in his first run for president, are crawling to him.. Pray tell, what will be their gain??????

  • At 6:42 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Response to BB,

    Producing a perfect world or producing a perfect nation is not possible. Thus, hHumans must always judge things because all things are imperfect.

    On presidents, one must decide which person is better, Obama or Romney. My decision is for Obama because I conclude that the mind of Romney is focused on himself and the economy rather than on the people.

    I depend only on presidents anymore. So, I don;t vote on the paties anymore becaise both parties are rather ignorant with respect to God.



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