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Monday, November 12, 2012

66. Three Million Jobs Are Available in Manufaturing

After U.S astronauts landed on the moon in the late 1960s, inflation began to grow and many scientists and engineers were terminated because poor citizens argued 'that they cannot eat spacecrafts.' President Nixon responded to their argument with many new projects. With high technology, the White House expected to solve many difficult social problems such as the U.S. crime problem.

From 1970 to 2008, the need for high technologists continued to grow in the manufacturing sector.  But in thirty-eight years, our colleges and universities lost their world rankings in the fields of science and mathematics. Thus, a major problem developed in the USA.

Last evening,  '60 Minutes' reported that high technologists cannot be found in the USA for U.S. manufactures. (click)  At this time, three million technologists could be put to work by our manufactures.  Isn't it time to ask the top-income earners for more taxes?  Isn't it also time to find new compromises between the Democrats and the Republicans. It is certainly time for colleges and universities to adjust their world ranking immediately.


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