Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

67. The Wealth of the U.S. Upper-Income Earners Are Against the Intelligent Design of An Active God.

In my research on God and the universe, I found that God created the universe and gave men and women equal rights. The U.S. founders understood this gift by including the statement, 'all Men are created equal,' in the U.S  Declaration of Independence. Thus, I say that the distribution of the wealth of the USA must be equal.

Th Equality of Man did not develop in the USA immediately. But the Equality of Man began to develop with Abe Lincoln's Civil War against slavery, Lincoln's development of national industries, and Lincoln's development of the West with homesteaders. With Lincoln's assassination, the USA lost its 'one People.'  Examples are:(1) the nation's use of free trade, (2) the nation;s development of Big families and national private banks, (3) the nation's development of 'free corporations', (4) the growth of hoarding; (5) the ownerships of infrastructures; (6) the nation's teaching of Darwin's evolutionary theory, (7) the growth of CEOs rather than the growth of patents,  and (8) the increasing political division of  the Republicans and Democrats parties.

Only President Lincoln, President Roosevelt, President Kennedy, and President Obama have tried to develop the U.S. with the Constitution and its statement 'to form a more perfect Union.' So, I say that many changes must be made in the USA if it is to become a more perfect Union. If changes are not made, the USA will fall apart because it has no knowledge of God's Intelligent Design.


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