Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

187.Science and Religion Must Come Together

Yesterday, I say that a greatest thing is God. Since the greatest thing is a maximum thing, it can never be less than this maximum thing. A greatest thing is thus one.  Because of its oneness, the greatest thing unites its maximum and minimum and will unite all opposites that bring God and the universe together.  So, the greatest thing cannot be known by any Little God. Furthermore, a greatest thing cannot be compared with the bodies of the universe or the  senses, reason, or intellect of the Little Gods.  But the Little Gods can learn how a greatest thing acts when it creates a universe.

As a Little God, I study the universe that was created by the greatest thing. In the greatest thing, I found that God is a whole that has no parts. But in the universe, I found that all Little Gods are able to find bodies. In any body, the Little Gods will find a whole that has an infinite number of parts. Thus God is not numbered.  But all bodies in the universe are numbered. This is why Jesus spoke of numbered hair at Matt. 10:30.

To find other knowledge of God's acts and other knowledge of the universe, I suggest that all scriptures be viewed by Little Gods as 'possible information' because every scripture is made by Little Gods and are not made by God.  I make this suggestion because a begotten Son of God cannot be a part of God. Thus, Jesus is a Little God who did a great scientific and moral job in the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Christianity also says that Jesus was born without a Father. Conceiving Jesus with his Mother and without his Father is not possible because God acts all rebirths the same way.

It is thus time for religions and scientists to work together.


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