Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, March 07, 2013

179. The Functional Inductive Economy

Based on the history of the deductive and inductive economies, I conclude that the inductive economy is true and the deductive false.  So, throughout this planet, the life of all Little Gods has been wrong and ungodly and must be changed.

Why is the deductive economy wrong? The deductive economy became untrue after the true God and true universe were found by Anaxagoras and Plato and Jesus and other 'big thinkers' began to teach the new God and universe. These big thinkers rejected the 'beginning and end' of a  God and universe, which are not unified.  Then, they accepted the God and universe, which are unified and thus had no beginning and has no end.

The inductive economy is correct because all of its parts are functionally related.  Thus, all humans are reborn after they die. So, human life is continuous, without family riches. Thus, all nations must work together functionally.  Nations must build functional infrastructures on this planet.  And our nations must locate life on other planets.  Accordingly, money is a functional cause of all ends. Since freedom will be found only in God, the 'life and work' of all humans will be 'equal and different.'  Full employment, four-day work weeks, and enjoyment become social  functional relations.

So, the unrestricted laissez-faire, free markets,  unhampered exercise of private property, limited government, and full State rights must be eliminated.


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