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Sunday, March 03, 2013

175 .A Model of An Inductive Economy

In my blog yesterday, I said that an inductive economy is necessary to build democracies for the nation of all Little Gods. Unfortunately, many Little Gods are not interested in learning about inductive economies because they do not know how the human mind works. So, they will develop democracies based only on a deductive economy.

But a deductive economy will be developed only by a small number of Little Gods.  This small number of Little Gods have either become atheists or believe that the universe will come to an end. Such Little Gods have convinced all other Little Gods that inequities are necessary. So deductive economies have become the true economy of all wealthy Little Gods.

If a democracy authorizes a deductive economy, the economy will grow and attain some maximum economic level.  A deductive economy can be modeled geometrically with an 'increasing cone.' In time, the cone changes to a steady 'cylinder. Finally, the cylinder becomes weakened and  changes to a 'decreasing cone.' When the cylinder changes, criminals appear because some Little Gods become unemployed and don't have the knowledge or age they need to be employed. Since crime, terrorism, and wars are appearing all over this planet, it is clear that deductive economies will never work. Accordingly,  inductive economies are needed for every nation.

Recently, a meteor exploded and sent high speed dirt into Russia, which broke many windows. Did the meteor explode itself or did a UFO cause the explosion? (click) I believe that a UFO did explode the meteor. I hold this belief because God unifies all opposing symbols of our minds, that God is inactive and active, and that God is absolute and perfect and could only create the best universe with an Intelligent Design. So, beyond our planet, I believe that many Little Gods are living on other planets. Below, I present a spiralling cone.  It is a model of all Little Gods who live on different planets.
It is time for scientists and atheists to put God on top of the table for debates.  It is also time for GOP and other national leaders to stop promoting deductive economics.


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