Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, March 02, 2013

174. Only An Inductive Econmy Will Work In Democracies

After President Lincoln was assassinated, a portion of Little Gods turned their thoughts to an inactive God, who made a universe that comes to an end. So, these Little Gods would turn to a deductive economy. The other portion of Little Gods would turn to an active God, who makes a universe that has no end. These Little Gods would turn to an inductive economy

By distinguishing deductive and inductive economics, I can say that our knowledge will separate these two economies very clearly. For instance, a deductive economy will depend on senses, which produce facts.  On the other hand, an inductive economy will depend on senses, which produce wholes.

In Leibniz's work on monadology, the souls are able to perceive and unify the perceptions. So, when God brings a soul to a new body, a new whole or life begins. Since 'all Men are created equal,' they must participate in building a nation, as the Constitution says, 'to form a more perfect union.'
Galileo also teaches wholes.  He found that all created bodies are wholes that have an infinite number of infinitesimal parts.  Only God can make such wholes. When man makes a whole, what is made will only have a finite number of parts, which can be increased in number.

When we make an inductive economy, we must assemble it with a countable number of parts. But when we want to make a deductive economy, we must act like God and search for an infinite number of parts. Building a deductive economy is thus nonsense in a world that has nonliving machines and living humans. This is why a completed  reductive economy will never be found. The concept 'reductive' has no clear meaning,

The first U.S. depression was in 1807. Other depressions were: 1815-21, 1873-79, 1920-21, and the 1929-33 Great Depression. Perhaps our economists are not considering God in their thoughts.


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