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Saturday, March 16, 2013

190.Physicists Have More Questions Than Answers

Physicists announced this week hat they are more confident of the "Higgs-like" particle, This particle is called the Higgs boson but is also called the 'God particle.'  British physicists Peter Higgs must thus explain why matter has mass and why Einstein equation,  E =MC2 , is true and how the Big Bang created things that came from nothing about 13 billion years ago. (click)

Certain properties of the Higgs-like particle are consistent with what is predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics.  For example, the Higgs boson is said to have no rotation, or "spin," and in the Standard Model its parity—a measure of how the particle's mirror image behaves—should be positive. Thus. physicists are a long way to go to know what a Higgs boson is because it might be something more unusual, such as a composite made up of particles.

But hasn't the 'neutron' found to move faster than a 'photon'?  And if the Higgs boson is a particle, why don't physicists agree with Galileo, who says that all bodies in the universe have an infinite number of infinitesimal parts?


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