Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

199. Pantheism, Deism, Panentheism, and Theism

The concepts of God and the universe are defined by four major concepts, such as pantheism, deism, panentheism, and theism.  Thee four concepts are very important to all Little Gods. So, I will explain how I view the productions and meanings of these four concepts. Note, the spelling of panentheism is still not found in the spell-check.  Yet, panenheism is the ony truths about God and the universe.

Pantheism produced idolatry in the early history of the God Kings. But, pantheism died when monotheism was developed by Abraham.

Deism has a God that is inactive after creation. This God also has a heaven for Jews and some Christians. With deists, the laws of the universe are currently unknown because God is not talking to the Little Gods. So, the Higgs boson is expected to produce the laws of the universe. So, the production of deism couldl be very uncertain for many centuries. So, I see many wars are ahead.

Panentheism was developed slowly because the scientific teachings of Jesus were not interpreted correctly by Christians. But panentheism is ready to produce a beautiful and endless universe to all Little Gods. To achieve panentheism, the deductive economies of all nations must be replaced by inductive economies.  Since this universe has an active God, the souls of all Little Gods are given new bodiess forever. I see full peace ahead.

Atheism will produce only what an atheist produces.

Now, let me present today's meanings of these four concepts.  Pantheism means that the universe exists because God divides himself and made the universe with his parts. Thus, a pantheistic God no longer exists.  Deism means that God created the universe and then rested. So, God does not interact with the laws of the universe. Panentheism means that God and the universe coexist. God creates the universe with his attributes. These aributes cannot be exhausted. So, God ineracts with the universe. Finally, atheism means that God does not exist. So, an atheist believes that Big Bang physical thing made the universe.

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