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Friday, May 17, 2013

236.14 Abortion Is An Act Against God

Believers of deism and theism say that they go to heaven after they die. This theory of the life of Little Gods comes from a dream that St. John experienced. To report this dream, John wrote 'The Revelation' in the New Testament. I reject this theory because heavens exist only in the evening skies of the universe.  Furthermore, God is one or infinite. Finite things cannot become a  part of one God or an infinite God.

The panentheisic God, which was taught by Jesus,  says the souls of all Little Gods are immortal and receive new bodies after they die. Thus, when Father and Mother act sexually, an immortal soul will become related to this sexual act and a new person will appear in nine months.

Now, Mother has four possible sexual acts. First, she can take a pill that denies the relation between the immoral soul and the sexual act. Second, she can allow the immortal soul to become related to the sexual act.  Third, she can allow the immortal soul to become related to the sexual act and give the new child to another Little God. Fourth,  she can destroy the new child before the ninth month comes. I conclude that the fourth alternative is ungodly because God is making all new children.

I say that God made many immortal souls. I also say that God made many bodies. Little Gods,, animals, and plants also make bodies.  But God-made bodies are very different than the bodies we make.  We can count the parts in the bodies that we make.  But we can't count the parts in the bodies that God makes.

So, when a Father and Mother have a sex act that relates an immortal soul, God is making a new person.  To destroy a new child is to destroy the work of God.


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