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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

236.45 Many Little Gods Are Being Killed in Syria

Physical theories about nonliving things can be proven with a scientific method. These proofs can be falsified with predictions or by testing a theory against known facts. Theories of God's existence can also be proven. (click) and (click)  Proving nonliving wholes and proving God's existence can be proven today with ease.. I have also proven many attributes of an active God

On the other hand, the causes and effects of wars and histories have never been proven. And, political scientists, politicians, and naturalists  have never proven their theories about humans, animals, and plant life. Essentially, the causes and effects of all Little Gods, all nations, and all families of this planet are hanging on only with thin strings.

Recently, the world leaders of the Group of 8 industrial nations met in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. They met to discuss the nation of Syria. Apparently, 93,000 Little Gods have been killed by Bashar Assad's regime. Assad receives support from Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia.  In a discussion between President Obama and President Vladimir Putin of Russia, Putin told Obama that 'our opinions do not coincide.'

These G8 discussions are inappropriate because  the Little Gods, President Obama and President Putin, will not know the nation in which they will be reborn. To pass on and be given a new life by God, one must learn that God created all Little Gods equal.  This equality means that all Little Gods, all nations, and all families must be equal.

It seems clear that many political leaders do not seem to be concerned about the future of the lives of all Little Gods. Since the proofs of God's existence and the proofs of God's acts are growing fast, Assad's regime and its supporters seem to be turning to atheism.

When the leader of a nation leads a nation without God, the leader can expect negative action from God. So,  Bashar Assad should expect a deep fall.


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