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Friday, June 14, 2013

236.42 Many Little Gods Have Poor Lives

God does not make nations or families. Only the Little Gods make nations and families. So, when a person dies, this person's soul is still alive and exists as indivisible or dark matter.  There, this soul cannot wait for a new life in God because God is 'One' and has no parts. So, burying  the body of a person in a cemetery is useful only to remember the past activities of every Little God.

God maintains the lives of all Little Gods forever by creating an infinite number of immortal souls.  Some of these immortal souls are dominant and help God perfect the universe.  Other immortal souls are workers that make the universe. When all souls are related to each other, bodies appear and begin to form the universe. In time, bodies begin to 'wear out,' like coal burns, and God gives dying things new lives. For instance, when a Little God dies, God gives this Little God a new body through a male and female family. Such families exist in nations that form the seven  continents I show below.

As seen, a dead U.S. CEO, a dead U.S. medical doctor, a dead U.S. criminal, a U.S school teacher, a President of the USA, a dead grandmother, etc. could have been reborn recently in a Somalia family in Africa. We can solve this problem by making all families and all nations equal.

I conclude that the above inequalities came from economies that create dictators, hoarders, and non-scientists.

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