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Friday, June 07, 2013

236.34 Some Little Gods Are Challenging MyTwo Books

The history of my books about God and the Universe are unusual. Some Little Gods became challengers of my first book, The First Scientific Proof of God (2006). This book was challenged  mostly by physical scientists, atheists and logicians. Their challenges continued for more than a year on

In general, their challenges rejected the work of Ernst Cassirer, Susanne Langer, and a linguistic theory, which says  that sensual data are primarily symbolic. The linguistic theory deals with the use and meanings of symbols.  These symbols are found in the languages of every nation.  So, a theory of symbolism is currently developing as a philosophy in all nations.

Of importance to me at this time is the 'sensual data' about the life of the Little Gods and the sensual data about the infrastructure of the Little Gods.  Unfortunately,  the importance of the challengers of my books are usually limited to discussions of general  'sensual facts.'

My challengers terminated their interest in  my first book in 2009 after Stephen P. Smith, a 'Cornell Ph.D' and professor in California,  reviewed my first book. (click)  In thist book, Smith say, 'His message is accurate.'  After Smith's review, my book was published by the Scientific God Journal. (click)  But Smith also recognized that I do not develop scientific predictions  thar are used daily by my challengers.  Scientific predictions about God and the Universe are not found in my books because my first scientific proof of  God shows that God and the Universe is one, has immortal things, had no beginning, has no end, and cannot be completed or predicted.

My second book, A New and Modern Holy Bible, also has no scientific predictions. In my two books, I merely identify higher truths about an active God, the Little Gods, the animals, the plants, and the suns and other bodies that are in motion of the Universe.

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