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Monday, June 03, 2013

236.30 Raising the Power of the U.S. Little Gods

The Little Gods were never found in the USA because U.S. lawyers said that he Declaration of Independence (DOI) has no laws. To these lawyers, the DOI is only an authority to go to war against England. Yet, the first two paragraphs of the DOI contains six laws that define the United States of America. None of these six laws are related to the war against England.

Unfortunately, some U.S. lawyers quietly destroyed the following laws of the USA:
(1) they destroyed all laws of the social contract theory of John Locke. (Remember  that the DOI makes a private sector  and the Constitution makes a public sector);
(2) they destroyed all law of the nation of  'one People;'
(3) they destroyed the laws of Nature and the laws of Nature's God;
(4) they destroyed the laws 'all Men are created equal;'
(5) they destroyed all laws of self-evident truths and rights; and
(6) they destroyed laws that authorized the States to abolish and reinstitute the U.S. government.

What effect did the U.S. lawyers cause by destroying the above laws of the DOI?  I say that the power of the U.S. Little Gods was reduced to zero by a new ruling power.  This new ruling power is found in today's voting system and is called a 'party.' By eliminating all laws in the DOI, different parties were developed. Today, two major parties exist, Democratic and Republican. These two parties are opposing thinkers and thus cannot co-exist.  Accordingly, these parties must be destroyed because they do not function properly for the USA or any nation on this planet

In order to bring these parties together so they think in similar ways, I say that thee laws of the DOI must be authorized.



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