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Saturday, May 25, 2013

236.21 An Ugly History of the Little Gods in the USA

A new history of the Little Gods had started in Greece with the God of Anaxagoras. (click)  Parmenides challenged this Greek. (click) But Plato agreed with this new Greek theory because he showed that 'one' cannot exist without 'other' things. So, if God is 'one' and exists, then Little Gods must also exist.

The coexistent of God and Little Gods led to the development of the rulers, which are the kings and the pharaohs, and the development of the ruled, which are the Little Gods. The history of the rulers and the ruled has never worked happily.

Plato developed the Republic. Its ruler is a 'philosopher-king' or an idealist. This idealist is a Little God who must identify higher and higher ideas. Since the Republic can't be completed, futuristic ideas must always be sought. Alexander the Great followed Plato Republic and freed many Little Gods from rulers.

After Plato died, Jesus was young when he went to Greece to learn the God of Anaxagoras and the higher ideas of Plato. Jesus called Plato's ideas 'living water.' Most of the teachings of Jesus were about God and higher ideas. But after Jesus was murdered, the Gnostic teachings of Jesus' disciples were not powerful enough to build Jesus' system. Instead, the logic of Aristotle became too powerful for fifteen centuries. So, Jesus' scientific teachings on higher ideas were lost

But in the 18th century, the logic of Aristotle had been weakened and some Little Gods began to use metaphysics to identify higher ideas.  The major Little Gods  of these higher ideas are Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler, Galileo, Leibniz, and Locke. Then, in1776, the USA was founded, primarily by Ben Franklin. The social contract theory of Locke was installed in the USA in order to eliminate all rulers.

To eliminate all rulers in th USA, the Declaration of Independence (DOI) identified Locke's Society. The Society consists of all Little Gods, who become the ruler. And, the Constitution identifies Locke's Government.  The Government consists of some Little Gods, who must develop higher ideas.

Unfortunately, some Little Gods of the USA have destroyed Locke's social contract. Thus, in the USA new rulers have returned quietly.


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