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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

236.17 How Capitalism Works For All Little Gods

When U.S. lawyers said that the Declaration of Independence has no laws, they changed the founding documents of the USA, in general. But they also changed the American thoughts and the  English language. For example, they changed the thoughts of Americans minds by changing the symbol 'freedom' from a 'relative thought' to an 'absolute thought.'  But the lawyers did not tell Americans that God is absolute.

So, when Americans think about their freedoms today, Locke would say that a 'free man' can get only as much freedom as other humans will give this man. In his alternative to these freedoms, Locke says that a Society and Government can be made.  I agree with Locke's alternative because an absolute freedom will be found only in God.

On a freedom, I say that some Little Gods of our nations have extended their freedoms into free markets too far.  I believe that these extensions went too far because these Little Gods were told by many religions that humans have only one life. I say that these religious teachings about humans are wrong because religious leaders will not move their minds out of logic and move their minds upwardly and into metaphysical thinking.

If capitalism can make a free market, capitalism can make many other things.  In Oklahoma recently, tornadoes destroyed many homes and killed many parents and children.  I say that capitalism could have stopped these tornadoes and saved these Little Gods. It is time to use capitalism only properly for all little Gods


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