Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, May 20, 2013

236.16 All of God's Children Are Reborn Wrongly

Today, parents are developing children for the best universe that God is making continually. Ben Franklin said that these children come from invisible immortal souls of God and become equal when God gives them visible lives. Ben says in the Declaration of Independence (DOI) that God created all Men equal.

But lawyers say that the DOI has no laws.  However, when I interpret the DOI scientifically, five laws were found. Unfortunately, after lawyers misinterpreted the DOI, the USA began to change. With changes, the 'one People' or 'United States' became unequal. This inequality led to wealth differences.  These differences made the USA fall backward to the ruler/ruled political system; destroyed Locke's social contract theory; and turned the USA away from Ben Franklin's definition of a democracy.

By destroying the DOI, the life of God's children in the USA has changed. For example, a new born child in the USA will become a member of either a rich family, a middle class family, or a poor family. Thus, 90% of the children in the USA will live in a poor family and 10% of the other children will live in wealthy families.  Since inheritances work the same way in the USA, 90% of the children in the USA never receive any inheritances. But 10% of children will receive large inheritances. These different lives are unnatural and ungodly.

Little Gods, which believe in only one life, might not care about the lives they receive.  But those Little Gods, which have accepted panentheism, must act to stop these differences. It is time to stop a few Little Gods to hold most of the wealth of any nation.


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