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Thursday, May 23, 2013

236.19 Recovering the USA

When President Lincoln was assassinated, the  Declaration of Independence (DOI) became lawless. But 'going West' would also become lawless. Many movies in Hollywood show this  ugly lawlessness. Some of these movies show how some lawless Little Gods also become absolutely free. But absolute freedom will be found only in God.

With a lawless DOI, Locke's private sector (or Society) was eliminated by some American Little Gods. Thus, Locke's  public sector (or Government) was maintained.  However, without Locke's Society, Locke's Government  gained power, especially in Washington. This excessive  power made Congress and the White House non-functional. When Locke's Society was eliminated, the minds of many U.S. Little Gods did not learn that Locke's private sector became powerless.

Although  President Lincoln encouraged many Little Gods to go West as homesteaders, I don't believe that the West would have ever become lawless and ever become absolutely free.

I say that recovering the laws of the DOI is the only way to recovery the USA. I also say that a democracy can be made only with Locke's social contract theory.


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