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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

236.18 Why The Litle Gods In America Are Lost

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence (DOI) defined Locke's social contract theory as  Society and Government. The Society was defined as 'one People' of the United States of America under God. And Government was defined as the Second Continental Congress. In 1787, Locke's Government was redefined by the Constitution. Then, after Ben Franklin died in 1790, Locke's social contract was discussed mostly by Alexander Hamilton, who promoted only national finances.

To maintain Locke's social contract, Henry Clay promoted the American System. (click) And President Lincoln used the DOI law --- that 'all Men are created equal' to eliminate slavery. To build the American System, Henry C.  Carey, the economic advisor of Lincoln, wrote the book, 'The Unity of Law.' (click) This book would have turned the United States into a nation of national laws. But Stats rights began to grow.

After Lincoln's assassination, Locke's social contract began to fade away and 'individual freedom' and 'State rights' began to grow. This growth led to an economy called the 'free world market.' However, this economy separated the  Republicans and Democrats. Republicans want international economic competitions. But Democrats want national laws, such as more individual health care and education.

The U.S.  Republicans and Democrats have now halted completely the development of Locke's social contract in America. So, the Little Gods in the USA are lost and cannot find God.


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